September, we talked about this.

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, we have returned to Chicago until she takes her leave.  You don’t realize how thin-skinned you have become until you’re away from the chill a while.  We got here around 12:30AM Saturday, unfolded ourselves from the car, and immediately got the shivers.  Right around 60° and us without long pants or long sleeves.  Florida has a crafty way of making you appreciate the heat.

This last Tuesday was all sorts of terrible – the moving truck arrived with all our belongings a little before 8AM, and after everything was marked off and accounted for we put up the hurricane shutters.  Once those were in place we showered, drove back to the rental to get what belongings we had there, then drove back to the house to sort things we were going to take with us out of the path of the storm.

Only so much can fit in a car, and there are a couple things I cannot believe I left there that are irreplaceable.  I’m hoping everything is intact and all our belongings are safe.  Even more, I’m hoping that my friends who opted to stay in their boarded-up houses stay safe, alive, and unhurt.


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