Fire Sprite


I started this blog hoping to share my experiences, views, and opinions with the world online.  I won’t lie to you, there have been many attempts before (my crochet blog being the most recent, but I crochet more than I update!).

I originally hail from a tiny town in Iowa (population 900 last I checked).  Since then, I have lived in a sleepy town in the Middle of Nowhere Illinois, the ‘burbs of Chicago,  southwest Florida, and now back in my homeland in the heartland.  It is highly probable you will see some posts containing asinine amounts of nostalgia, daily life in the country (so peaceful!), my struggles and achievements in learning code, and some containing mushy love stuff.

with my snowman
Crisp, cold nostalgia

While I’ve got you here you’ll also see the animals I have lived with and cared for, my crochet projects (I have a serious addiction to yarn), my love of horror, and many weird faces from yours truly.

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