Farewell, August!

You’ve been a nasty month full of anxiety, upset, and overall unpleasantness.  I will not miss you, but hope that next year you will be better behaved!

September, you’re looking somewhat promising – you are the last month of this rental, all of our belongings will be delivered to our new place, and the place of work will be getting more hours for employees.  You are the beginning of prosperous months this year, and on your final day we will move into our new place.  Just allow me one other thing – to get all of my schoolwork done in a prompt or timely manner.  That is all I am going to ask of you since you are already so jam-packed with other good things.

One of my courses this term (two 8-week classes at a time!) is Advanced Composition, so it might just get my butt in gear and spark some blog posts.

September, that was not geared toward you.  Just the schoolwork bit.  Not the blogging bit.

Also, I did a tech thing – there are three short videos I made for my CEIS course project last term.  He even has a twitter!


2 thoughts on “Farewell, August!

  1. I’m literally hoping for the same September goals! August was such a weird and stressful month. I hope September treats you well!


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